New Detection, Research and Extension Tools for Managing Wood-Canker Diseases of Fruit and Nut Crops

Lead Authors: Drs. Kendra Baumgartner and Themis Michaelides, USDA-ARS at UCD

Grant Amount - SCRI CAP Grant, $4.3 million in 2012; renewed in 2014 over 5 years, through September 2017

A multi-crop (grape, pistachio and almond) project was funded in 2012 to tackle trunk diseases, the leading reason for vineyard removal in many parts of the country. Because the industry lacks disease diagnostic tools (other than saws) it is estimated that these diseases result in losses of over $200 million each year.

Accelerating Grape Cultivar Improvement via Phenotyping Centers and Next Generation Markers

Lead Authors: Drs. Bruce Reisch and Lance Cadle-Davidson, Cornell University & USDA-ARS GGRU

Grant Amount - SCRI Grant, $4,563,164 over 5 years; extended through August 2017

Known as the VitisGen Project, this research team, led by Drs. Bruce Reisch and Lance Cadle-Davidson, focuses on identifying several traits: powdery mildew resistance, low temperature responses, and fruit quality, looking to “map the way to the next generation of grapes.”

Vineyard Efficiency through High-Resolution, Spatio-Temporal Crop Load Measurement and Management

Lead Authors: Drs. Terry Bates and Stephen Nuske, Cornell & Carnegie-Mellon Universities

Grant Amount - NGWI Funded for $6.2 million over 4 years, through 2019 

The Efficient Vineyard project seeks to develop sensor and mechanization technology to measure crop load and assess canopy with real-time imaging to enhance our ability to achieve vine balance and eventually develop tools for precision viticulture.