Vision and Mission

Who We Are
NGWI is a nationwide coalition of grape and grape products sectors representing grape growers, processors, wineries, and representatives of academic institutions and cooperative extension organizations committed to improving the grape industries through coordinated research priorities. NGWI gains strength by building upon the expertise, experience, commitment and collaboration of our members.

Our Vision
The U.S. grape and grape product industries lead the world in sustainability, value and quality. We are working to triple the industry’s economic impact by the year 2020, to $150 billion annually. This projected figure is based on a conservative estimate of the current annual economic impact of approximately $50 billion annually.

Our Mission
Drive research to maximize productivity, sustainability and competitiveness of the U.S. grape industries. Leadership and funding will be provided through creative public-private partnerships among government, academic, nonprofit and private sector partners accountable for research, development and adoption of business, environmental and socially responsible best practices in the American grape and wine industry.

To achieve our mission, NGWI created an integrated plan for research and development for grape growers, processors and wineries. Our theme areas of research are:

  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Integrated Vineyard Production Systems
  • Genetics and Grapevine Improvement
  • Extension and Outreach

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