About NGWI

The National Grape & Wine Initiative is an industry-driven non-profit organization designed to align research priorities at the highest level to strengthen the competitiveness of America’s grape industry. All segments are represented, collectively driving the future of the industry:

  • Table grape growers
  • Raisin grape growers
  • Juice grape growers
  • Wineries
  • Wine grape growers
  • Processors

NGWI ensures continual dialog between industry and government research agencies, academic institutions, and extension specialists to facilitate targeted research efforts. We focus on:

  • Developing national-level alliances and unifying research priorities among the research community and industry stakeholders
  • Working to secure funding and participating in project advisory teams to ensure that much-needed research is actually achieved
  • Making extension and outreach to industry stakeholders a priority, aiding commercial adoption of new technologies and research outcomes
  • Helping our industry understand and communicate the value and importance of research to protect and promote research funding, whether from federal or private sources